Youths Rescue Woman, Child from Kidnapper

The youths of Ndi Okereke Abam in Arochukwu LGA of Abia State have rescued a lady and her child from a kidnapper on Friday, 28th August 2020.

It was gathered that the suspect’s operation failed when the news of his actions spread across the community.

However, before people could gather when the alarm was raised, the suspect drove off speedily which made other youths alert people from the next community like (Ndi Oji and Ndi Okereke).

According to the narrative, the youths pursued the suspect with motorbikes and he lost balance while the road in his escape.

Due to the nature of the road, the car came at a stop when it pounced on an orange tree, the suspect true reversing but couldn’t, at that moment, the youths apprehended him.

Speaking, the suspect said, “I am from Arochukwu. I’m living in Ohafia. I Kidnapped this woman and her kid from her house as early as 6 am. I forced them inside their car Lexus 350 after tying their eyes with a cloth. Told her to call her children to bring N500,000 before she will be released. Then I drove from Ohafia to a village (Ndi Okorie Abam) where the lady disturbed and vowed to die if she didn’t drink water. I then applied my brake to buy pure water for her, whining down my glass to collect the water the lady jumped out and shouted”.

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