Bizarre! Man Falls Inside Pit While Glued To His Phone, Plays Game While Boring Pain

A man in China was so obsessed with his phone he refused to put it down after falling into a 13ft deep hole while looking at his handset. What’s more, the pedestrian bore the pain of a fractured kneecap as he carried on playing on his mobile underground.
Rescuers were stunned by the man’s actions after they arrived at the scene, according to Chinese media.

The incident took place on July 27 in Karamay in western China’s Xinjiang Province. The man said to be a construction worker, plummeted to the bottom of the manhole after failing to notice that it wasn’t covered. He was looking at his phone at the time, reported Kan Kan News.

The report said when firefighters arrived, they saw that the man was still playing games on his handset while sitting at the bottom of the hole.It is said the man was whining in pain while staring at his screen.
Firefighters attached straps around the man before pulling him out of the hole using a rescue tripod.
The man was taken to the hospital afterwards.

Medical examination showed that he had fractured his right kneecap during the fall. The man is reported to be recovering.

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