Women Are Becoming Very Ambitious While Men Are Becoming Very Lazy – Alibaba

Comedian Alibaba has shared his thoughts on women who are ambitious, who struggles to make something out of their lives while their male counterparts are lazy and feel that the woman has pride, ego and over-ambitious.
Alibaba in his post pointed out that most women in this generation are becoming very ambitious and instead of it motivating the men, they have become very insecure.

And when the young ladies decide to pocket the achievements and advantages they have, so they can submit to a man in that their age bracket, many of these men have been so beaten by the tides of life, that they are too busy fighting the wife they should work with.
Any attempt by the wife to suggest to him to get up and do something to succeed is treated as disrespect, nagging, pressure and sometimes stress.
One guy was so broken by the frustration of not having made it since he graduated in 2010, and still without a job, that he wanted his Assistant Manager fiance, to move to his father’s house in Magodo, from the Oniru 2 bedroom, she presently occupied.
Why don’t you move in with her and make your great moves from there? “Never. I can’t marry and move into my wife’s house.” That is from a 32-year-old guy, who still lives in his parent’s house.
Don’t get me wrong ooo. The economy is messed up. Our politicians have not done much to drag us out of the downturn. After elections, they start working toward the next election.
The problem has left many young men, not ready to be married. They are not prepared or do not have what it takes to be a man that can take a woman as a wife. And not just as wife, to even be able to provide as the head of the house.
So the few men who are loaded and ready, are few and in very high demand. Many ladies can hurt any other lady who tries to take any rare find, of such a man. Especially if he has a house, good job, good car, looks good, dresses well and has very few defects.
So what’s the issue? The issue now is that, even when this kind of young men, meet young ladies, who (by any reason) had a headstart, the young men are too faaaaaar behind, ill-equipped and unprepared in the sourcing for opportunities and management of the relationship.
They are now slaves to the ego, frustration, pride, peer pressure, poverty of mind and sometimes total disillusionment.
Look around. Don’t say I told you. Everywhere. There are many, who don’t know what to do, how to do it, where to do it when to do it… Even with a Masters Degree in Bus Admin, LL

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