Who Gave Women The Keys To Dictate Who A Real Man Is – Social Activist

A Facebook user Nnamdi Orie has stated that women do not have the right to dictate who a real man is. He said that women are now trying to be the voice of men and further suppress them from being who they are.

He disclosed that women have embarked on a journey to silence the voice of men of the old with their activities and newfound freedom.


Why are we still the same way we’ve been for Centuries? When are we going to evolve??

Look around you. There are too many platforms for Women. Some advising them rightly or wrongly. It doesn’t matter. What matters is their oomph for evolution. A certain social construct is being vilified and despised. Women are evolving. Encouraged not to take a shit. Encouraged to do whatever they like and anyone who talks against it is toxic. I have no issues with it. Evolution is a good thing.

How about you guys?? The social engineering of ages is still being pioneered heavily by Women. They want to tell you what it means to be a real Man. They want to tell you what to do, what not to do, what to say, what not to say and at the same time call you Toxic when you try to suggest or complain about their own practices that worry you.

Men!!! Who gave them the keys to dictate who a real man is and who a real man isn’t. I see these women who now want to act as a voice for Men. They’re in schools, they’re in Universities, they’re in the media. They are everywhere, all telling you how to be a “Real” Man.

Try this experiment. I want you to go to the Internet and see topics on Men. These topics are championed by Women. You see one stupid article that says. Things Men can do to Attract a Woman. Written by a Woman. You read it and you see it’s a whole bunch of rubbish. Why?? Why are you allowing this to happen? Some of you will take dog poop just because one Woman says you should take it else you ain’t a “Real” Man.

The Real Man- the element of control

Go through your timeline. How often have you heard Women use the term “Real Man”?? In what way do they use it?? They always use it when they want to manipulate you into doing something. Real Men will do this. A real Man will take nonsense because he loves his Woman, he will go the extra mile for his Woman. All load of nonsense.

It’s high time you learned how to navigate these waters. The Woman of today isn’t the Woman of old. Everything they learn today is about controlling that Man of old. The same Man almost all of us are. The best way to fight this is to evolve. Drop that moral policing of yours. It’s just pride. Evolve and survive.

What do you think?


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