Man Recounts How He Was Shot By Unknown Gunmen

I Believe In The Supernatural – And The Gun Jammed

By Bayo Adeyinka

It was a Monday morning. My driver at that time, Elijah had picked me early in the morning from where I stayed at Yaba and we were headed to my office at Apapa. This was circa 2009.

As soon as I entered the car, I reclined my seat a bit and slept off. I usually loved to get some more sleep before getting to work.

Our route was usually through Tin Can and the journey is usually uneventful until that particular day. Seated beside the driver as my habit is, I felt the car slowed down in what I thought was just the normal traffic.

I was half-asleep when I saw a guy carrying a green bag slung around his neck with one hand inside that bag approach my car. He came to my side, peeped closely, then went to the driver’s side. I thought he was one of those hawkers who sold gala or some other products in traffic.

Suddenly, he took out a shotgun and banged on the window of the driver’s side, shouting, ‘Roll down this window’. Shocked and startled, we didn’t know what to do. We were confused. It was around 7am and we could see everything clearly.

He banged hard with the butt of the gun on the window again. I was surprised the window had not shattered by then. Thinking we didn’t want to cooperate, he pointed the gun at me from the driver’s side.

Everything happened within seconds and I didn’t even have time to think of any action. No time to say my last prayers. Hardly any time to plead for our lives. The guy didn’t look reasonable at all. Maybe he was very high on drugs but his face was hard like the face of death.

He pulled the trigger. I already stretched my hands as if I could use them to stop the bullets. In that moment, my world stood still. I just heard a loud click. It was unbelievable. The gun jammed. I wasn’t dead.

I looked at the guy. He looked at his gun in a weird sort of way with a look of unbelief. He looked at me again. He aimed at me and pulled the trigger the second time. The gun jammed again. Our windows were rolled up but I heard the loud click. No bullet came out.

I wasn’t going to die that day. I looked at my would-be killer and I saw fear written all over him. He took another look at me, put his gun inside his bag and fled. I saw him running and jumping the divider in the middle of the road to the other side.

I released my seat belt, made as if to open the door and run after him but Elijah my driver held me down. He said we had no idea how many they were and it was stupid to go after them when God already saved us.

It was then that I realized many passengers in the bus beside our car were staring at us. Among the passengers was one of my colleagues in the same office. They were all shaking. I realized I had started shivering too.

Moving a bit forward, I realized Elijah was right. So many cars were damaged in front with their windshields broken and many victims wounded. The robbers were on a roll that morning.

I got to the office, knelt down and thanked God for the great deliverance. As I was praying, my colleague who was in the other bus rushed in. The first thing she asked me was that I had ‘odeshi’ as she saw what happened. I told her I had nothing except God.

I put a call through to my wife who wasn’t in the country at that time, told her what happened and immediately closed for the day. I couldn’t concentrate at work as I shivered throughout the day. It was a day of great deliverance.

Do you have a story of how God delivered you in a near-death situation? Please share with us.

Psalm 124:6-7: Blessed be the Lord, who hath not given us as prey to their teeth. Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.

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