Shocking! Inner Galaxy Group Embarks on Facelift

Following the report which emanated from a journalist known as Truthfully on the activities of a Chinese Company, Inner Galaxy Group in Abia and Edo State, the company has embarked on a facelift of the company.

It was gathered that the Inner Galaxy Group has embarked on a facelift of the company and the living quarters of Nigerians.

Recall that Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu set up a committee to check and validate the authenticity of the report. The report of the committee has not been made public at the time of this report.

Also, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission(FCCPC) also visited the company and validated the report sent in by the journalist and extracted a promise by the Chinese company to uplift the standard of living and working environment of Nigerians.

It was discovered that the face lifting done on the toilet and living quarters are just to pass the assessment of the committee.

Truthfully wrote, “The company in a bid to conceal evidence, and alter same, has embarked on massive repairs, and facelift in and around its companies premises.

They are painting the outside of those prisons like accommodations inside the inner Galaxy group. Nigerians can go and verify.”

Watch the video here…

“All these alterations, concealments, and cover-ups, are taking place, with the full support and corporation of fellow Nigerians. It is truly a shame, to say the least.

I wonder, and only God knows what the investigation committee’s report, will be like,” he continued.

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Our reporter reached out to one of the Committee members, Barrister Sam Hart who stated that the committee was working on the mission and will give their report to the Governor when they are through.

“We are working on it. This is not something we can make public, we are on it. We will give our report to the Governor once we are done.”

When asked if he’s aware of the report that there was a facelift going on at the company, he said, “we know what is going on. We have informants there and are keeping abreast of the activities going on there. We will update the people when we are through with the investigation.”

Recall that Truthfully also revealed that the enslavement of Nigerians in another location of the group in Edo State.

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