Journalist Reveals Another Shocking Chinese Enslavement Camp in Edo State

Journalist Truthfully has exposed the enslavement of Nigerians by a Chinese company at CCETC OSSIOMO Power Company, OLOGBO, in Ikpoba-Okha LGA, Edo State.

Recall that journalist Truthfully also exposed enslavement of Nigerians by another company identified as Inner Galaxy Group in Ukwa, Abia State.

Truthfully revealed that CCETC OSSIOMO Power Company has held its worker’s hostage of the guise of protecting them from COVID-19.

Truthfully wrote, “@fisayosoyombo & @segalink, As I continue my quest, to expose Chinese slave camps in Nig, I took my investigations to EDO STATE.”

“Let me officially draw the attention of @GovernorObaseki to the Chinese slave camp, at CCETC OSSIOMO Power Company, OLOGBO, in Ikpoba-Okha LGA.

This power company is 75% owned by Chinese, and 25 percent owned by a Nigerian.
They have a Power Purchase Agreement with Edo State Govt, that would soon see them supplying gas-powered power to the Govt.
But they have succeeded in turning their Nigerian employees to slaves.”

“Firstly, they employ Nigerians without contracts, with a condition to work from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday. Nigerians are often beaten up by the Chinese and sacked for any form of disobedience or resistance to the dehumanizing treatment being meted out to them.

Just like the Chinese concentration camp, where UYGHURS are held, CCETC OSSIOMO power company, has been holding Their Nigerian workers in the plant since March, on the pretext of protecting the plant from Covid19. without any opportunity to leave the plant or see their families.”

“Here are a few pictures, I was able to sneak out of the plant.

See what Nigerians are reduced to, all in the name of job opportunities.

Using dirty toilets, and sleeping on spring beds, without mattress. Your excellency @GovernorObaseki, it might interest you to note that, after checking the profile of most of the Chinese nationals at CCETC OSSIOMO power company, we discovered that majority of them, are staying in Nig, on expired visas. These claims should be investigated.

90% of the Chinese in that company, lack the requisite immigration papers to be in Nigeria. Most of them came to the country with Visa on Arrival that has since expired over 18 months ago, but they keep bribing @nigimmigration officers, to continue staying illegally.”

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