The Federal Government has revealed what it’s doing to prevent a COVID-19 spike as International flight resumes in the country.

The Director-General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu stated this during the Presidential Taskforce briefing on COVID-19 in Abuja on Friday that in as much the country has resumed its International flight that every traveller will have to pay for the cost of COVID-19 test.

Ihekweazu stated that this fee does not go to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control but rather goes into the cost of the test as well as to the State Government that has been negotiated with.

“We have made sure as a government that public testing is free throughout the outbreak but the testing is not free as somebody is paid. The government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has made it a duty to prioritize the public and make sure that everyone that needs to get tested gets it. We cannot compromise that for people travelling as travelling is a choice. You have to pay for the test on arrival.

None of the fees goes to NCDC or any government parastatal but goes to funding the test itself in each State with a small percentage going to the State Government negotiated with. NCDC is not making any money from this test and never will do that.

We will continue working hard so that most people travelling will have a good experience. We want to assure Nigerians especially those in diaspora most especially in Sweden to bear with us as you are important to us.

The contribution of our brothers in the diaspora is critical to us. We will continue doing our best to make sure cases in Nigeria do not escalate. Also, we will make sure that travels home is as convenient as possible.”

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