Some police operatives who were chasing a white van in Akure, Ondo State have been involved in an accident which killed them at the spot.

It was gathered that the policemen were in hot pursuit of the white van and tried to catch up but unfortunately died from over speeding.

Though a man wrote that the policemen were pursuing the #endsars protesters but got killed in the pursuit.

Malik Shabazz wrote, “They heard that unarmed protesters were marching in Akure and they jumped into their truck to go and shoot at them.

But the lord protected his children from harm and caused them to have an accident due to over speeding

#NopityForPolice until they accept that #SARSMUSTEND and that they will #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria”

Recall that the Nigerian youth have been protesting against the high rate of killing, extortion, harassment by the Nigerian police force and wants the government to reform the entire police force.

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