Inspector Chinyelu Arinze, a witness to a respondent on the ongoing case of police brutality, has admitted to the Abia State Judicial Panel of Inquiry that no Policeman outside the State can arrest a citizen within a State without the cooperation and presence of the host State.

This, she stated on Tuesday as the panel continued the case of Mrs Anulika Kalu Nta a medical doctor who had a miscarriage over police brutality in Abia State.

Sergeant Chinyelu is a witness to the respondent and also the sergeant who was at the reception on the 3rd of October, 2019 when the client was brought in.

Sergeant Chinyelu stated that Mrs Anulika Kalu Nta was never brought in at the Central Police Station in Umuahia, Abia State and revealed that about 10 persons were arrested on that particular day but Mrs Anulika was not one of them.

One of the panellist Prince Nnadozie asked if the Sergeant could recognize all the arrested persons on the said day, Sergeant Chinyelu stated that it was not possible but she can recognize about four persons from that day.

She also revealed that it was not possible for policemen from other States to arrest persons from the host State without the cooperation and presence of policemen from the host State.

The Prosecutor produced a witness identified as Ugorji Samuel, a gatekeeper at Aguiyi Ironsi layout who affirmed that the complainant was arrested and taken by about ten policemen who came with two vehicles, a van wrote Abia State Police Command and 18 sitter bus.

Having heard the argument, the court adjourned to Wednesday, 18th November 2020.

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