The youths of Oha Ntigha Youths Forum in Isiala North Ngwa LGA of Abia State have cried out to the Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu over the incessant loss of lives at Ntigha junction.

In a letter made available to NewsLeverage on Tuesday, Oha Ntigha stated that the accidents that have happened at Ntigha junction have left them deflated as more than 11 persons have lost their lives at the junction.

Speaking with our reporter, a witness identified as Michael Ogbuokiri stated that the youths cannot take the avoidable accidents anymore and are demanding that the government look into their plights.

“We have lost more than 11 persons on that junction alone. Just a couple of weeks ago, a family of four, Mrs Ndidi Uwakwe, Odinakachi Uwakwe, Nwokea Uwakwe, Stella Nnamdi lost their lives there. Something should be done before this becomes a norm.”

He revealed that most of the accidents that happen on that junction are avoidable as some of the vehicles that cause these accidents are always on top speed.

“From what we have observed, these accidents can be avoided. The cars which always comes from both sides are always on top speed, at least, when approaching a junction, a brake should be applied as people are always busy around such junctions. This speed makes them get into these accidents. Another thing is that a park should be created around the junction so that these buses that offloads there can do that inside the park. Most of these people who gets into these accidents do not see the car coming due to the offloading that always happens there.

The government needs to create a park for such purpose and also toad block. We have always been told that it is a federal government road but a roadblock can be created there which will make motorist apply a brake when approaching the junction. No security personnel needs to stay at the roadblock.

We need something done as we cannot take this anymore.

The most disgusting thing is how mortuary attendants (which is too much around the area) rush the corpse whether dead or alive instead of first taking them to the hospital. Some of the people will be alive but these mortuary attendants will be dragging them without checking or offering any medical attention. Theirs is to get a customer. We need these to stop and that is why we are calling on the government to do something about our plight.”

Read the full letter:


We the concerned youths of Ntigha Land under the aeges of OHA NTIGHA YOUTH FORUM sincerely wish to express our utmost dissatisfaction and discomfort over the recurring fatal accidents at Ntigha express junction.

It is a popular information that many lives have been lost severally including recently at that location, leaving many families in serious pain and grief. May their souls rest in peace.

Therefore, it is on this premise that we met, discussed and came up with the following resolutions on how to put an end to this unwanted experience and ensure that our people can go about their normal businesses around Ntigha junction without being exposed to preventable death as follows:

(1) Construction of a big Roundabout at the junction with signs on it: This will help to indicate that a busy junction/town is located at this point so that commuters can slow down.

(2) Installation of street lights around the junction which will help all and sundry to see from a distance at night.

(3) Mounting a security checking point before the junction to ensure that vehicles slow down while approaching the junction from both sides of the highway.

(4) Establishment of a motor park near the junction: This will make room for all vehicles to stop parking, loading and offloading along the expressway and allow frew flow of traffic.

(5) Installation of road signs and speed breakers such Zebra crossing, Slow down Busy Junction Ahead, etc to guide drivers on the speed limits towards and around the junction as well as alert them that they are approaching a busy junction.

(6) Construction of modern and well equiped Hospitals/clinics in Ntigha especially close to the junction: It is not good to know that Ntigha has no well equiped and functional hospital to handle accident and emergencies yet we have many mortuaries. This can be done by attracting the attention of the government or private individuals as we are blessed with many illustruous sons and daughters in Ntigha.

(7) We are equally concerned with the increasing number of mortuaries around Ntigha junction, hence we request that government should not approve the establishment of any more mortuaries in and around Ntigha. Also, any mortuary whose ambulance carries an accident victim to the morgue without doctor’s confirmation of death and police permits should be shut down indefinitely and properly prosecuted.

We strongly believe that if these suggestions are carefully implemented, this ugly experience will become history.

Thanks for your expected cooperation and support.

Michael Bright Ogbuokiri

Nwachukwu Uchechukwu J.
Ag. Coordinator

Ag. Secretary

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