FFK Blast Gumi Over “Stop Killing Bandits” Comment

Femi Fani-Kayode has blasted Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi over his comment that bandits are victims and should be negotiated with.

FFK, in response through his social media page, stated that anybody defending or justifying the actions of the cold-blooded killers is a dark wicked soul.

Fuming, FFK opined that Sheikh Gumi and others like him deserve worse from the country.

“”Stop killing bandits, they are victims too. No school is safe until Govt. negotiates with them”- Sheik Ahmad Gumi.

Just listen to this heartless defender of child-abductors and cold-blooded killers. He is a dark and wicked soul, a callous Philistine and an unrepentant barbarian.

Every bloodthirsty terrorist and Janjaweed bandit should be brought to justice, exterminated and sent to hell.

Those that speak for them, defend them and attempt to rationalise or justify their barbaric actions like this unconciable and evil creature deserve worse.

Hell-fire awaits you.”

Sheikh Gumi, had, in an interview disclosed that the bandits were disappointed that he negotiated with them without the involvement of the Federal Government.

In further defence of the bandits, Gumi stated that the bandits are not indoctrinated as they are targeting every religion. He also disclosed that it is a good thing that the bandits are only looking for money.

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