EFCC Operatives Break Into Singer Skales’s House for ‘Routine Check’

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, broke into the apartment of Singer Raoul John Njeng-Njeng popularly known as Skales in Lekki, Lagos State on an inappropriate routine check early Tuesday morning.

“So @officialEFCC pulled up to my house with 3 men with guns and some with sticks and hammers lol, they broke my back door while I was sleeping on the bed with my 6month daughter, imagine I had a panic attack Cz of my health issues…. Is this not a crime?”

Speaking in a series on X, the singer said he was sleeping with his six-month-old baby when they broke into his house through the back door and hit everyone with a stick while pointing guns at them.

He asserted that he had never been involved in fraudulent businesses in his life and asked why a government agency should operate like a criminal organization at night.

“God go punish una @officialEFCC I am not a criminal, and I have never committed fraud in my life, you came in with guns to oppress me in front of my daughter and her mother & my staff. you will never prosper in anything you do as long as you’re Efcc staff! You will always be a failure.

I don’t even believe in the Justice system of Nigeria Cz it’s all lies .. who do you want to report to for Nigeria… they are all the same and they are together.

My hate for @officialEFCC just began … why do you operate at night.. is armed robbery part of your job description I need an explanation… truth is who you want to report to Cz nothing works in this country! They only know how to abuse power.

This my 6-month-old wey no let me sleep wey we finally come put to sleep.. them con wake am…. Useless agency @officialEFCC with your ugly faces.

They said they got intel that I’m into fraud lol
They said it was a routine check. That’s all and they found nothing.”

According to Skales, he said the operatives revealed they were acting on intel and also revealed how he was threatened to be put in jail by one of the operatives.

“I can boldly say today with what I’ve witnessed!! @officialEFCC don’t care about Naija like that Cz they would be professionals if they did.. they are actually after the lives of young people like me and to think that I’m against fraud is shocking it happened to me.

So guys now carry out routine checks @officialEFCC ON FOLKS? Na una staff talk am. for all U made my family go through this night” my newborn & her mom. I hate U @officialEFCC. U will fail in whatever the works of our hands do..success will nevA by URS. I’ll always speak against U.

There’s nothing anyone can tell me again !! @officialEFCC is a criminal organization..you better come pay for my properties that you have destroyed!! Stupid people. I just fucking got back from an event and tried to put my daughter to sleep..then u woke me up to nonsense..una papa.

I can’t even remember the last time I was this angry and scared in my life … @officialEFCC I hate you with everything in my spirit and soul…I’ll always be against this organization from now henceforth.

Imagine this useless @officialEFCC person telling me “You know how many artists I do out for jail” una papa @officialEFCC fuck you.

They hit my producer with a stick on his leg imagine @officialEFCC una father! You guys are a criminal organization..it’s sad the kind of power you are given.. that’s why you’re abusing it… enikure.

I can never forget the look on my daughter’s face and how scared she looked…. Una Dey mad @officialEFCC una papa.”

However, when asked to sue the organization, Singer Skales disclosed that the Nigeria Justice System has been corrupted and filled with lies as he has no faith in them.

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