Nurses Protest, Request Reversal of New Verification Rule

Nigeria Nurses under the aegis of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, NMCN, are protesting in Abuja on Monday over the new guidelines for requesting verification of certificates for nurses and midwives requesting a reversal.

The verification rule mandates nurses to work in the country for two years from the issuance of a permanent practicing license before they can apply for the verification of their certificate to a foreign Nursing Council.

The NMCN which is supposed to be an independent body further requested a good standing order from the Chief Executive Officer of their place of work and also from the last institution attended.

Carrying placards that read ‘Stop the oppression’ ‘ Nurses against oppression’ ‘Address unemployment among nurses, address quackery, address nurses welfare’ ‘#No to verification rules.’ ‘Stop frustrating the Nigerian nurses, we are going through a lot already,’ ‘Protect nurses, protect healthcare,.’ ‘NMCN, we say no to the verification rules, NMCN, don’t reduce nurses,’ they marched to the NMCN’s office in Abuja.

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