DJ Switch Debunks Arrest, Vows to Sue Blogs

Popular DJ Catherine Obianuju Udeh popularly known as Dj Switch has debunked the report that she has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command and vowed to sue all the blogs who carried the fake report.

Linda Ikeji’s blog had on Thursday reported that Dj Switch has been arrested for assault and obstructing the vehicular movement of the female police officers in Elemoro, Ajah on Monday who were on official duty after she reported a case of fraud.

DJ Switch, however, said she is not interested in cheap popularity but affirmed that blogs have an unhealthy way of seeking traffic and assured that she would file a suit against all the blogs that reported the story.

Her statement reads; ‘Good morning all.

I was woken up by a barrage of calls and text this morning. I wondered why because I know today is not my birthday. Only to find that I, have been arrested 﫤.

‘One of the links that was sent to me alleged that I had assaulted the police. Now, while I am not a fan of many of our police men and women, I do not condone nor do I support violence against the police.

‘Our blogs have such an unhealthy appetite for traffic that they can’t even spend the transport fare it would cost them to go investigate and make certain of the news they share to the public. These false reporting is dangerous and negatively shapes narratives.

‘Many people want so badly to believe I am just like those I’ve fought against or believing that I have sacrificed all I have ever worked for just to bring down Nigeria. This is false.

‘That being said, my lawyers have screenshotted every blog they can find this false news and this is defamation of my character. These blogs have till end of day to take down this false news and kindly replace with a post correcting their mistake. I am not looking for cheap publicity, I hate clout chasing and I actually am not an ass because I was advised to sue immediately which would cost them all a lot. So please do the needful and let us learn.

Thank you!’

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