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AMVCA: You’re In The Habit Of Driving And Doing Other Things, Producer Calls Out Friend

The producer of Lotanna the movie has released a letter countering what his friend said that happened. He said that when he was called that he had an accident, the African Movie Viewers Choice Award was still underway and so, he begged for patience but that was not granted.

Recall that Ifan Ifeanyi was accused of abandoning his friend who had an accident while coming to support him during the AMVCA last Saturday.

Dear Arinze,

I hope you have fully recovered from your trauma of the other day and the associated financial issues that you are going through now.

You asked me for a VIP invite to the AMVCAs and it’s after party so you could turn up alongside all the celebs (which I provided for you and as far as I can see this is the only actual crime I committed here). This was the first time my movie (Lotanna) would be nominated and win AMVCAs, I was also working on the same day at the hotel.

The awards were already underway when you started contacting me while I was in the middle of a major wardrobe mishap that made me even miss the live carpet show (which is almost as important as the awards itself ). Those who attended the ceremony or were even in the area will attest to the road blockage, I had to be on stage and my associates who tried to leave to see how they could help you turned back after many hours of being stuck in traffic.

You are in the habit of driving and doing a lot of other things inebriated and have been advised about this severally, that is why when you started screaming at me and being hyper insultive I decided to leave you be till you came back to your senses.

I guess we are still waiting for that to happen.

That being said you actually selected aspects of our chat and pettily released a private chat showing me in a stage of undress, i mean anyone who looks at the timeline of the chat would see that this all happened when the awards were well underway.

You drank, over-sped, then funnily wanted me to leave the awards venue to come and see your spoilt car, I was asking for some patience on the phone, there you were heaping insults on me on the biggest day of my year , I ignored you and you decided to spin this into your 15 mins of fame by taking it to @instablog9ja.

I feel your pain, send your account number so I can help fix your car with a small contribution.

Thank you for your support. Supporters club

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