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Five Ways To Know If A Man Loves You

Citing Chioma and Davido, this poster has revealed how to know if a man loves you.

What do you make of this?
The feedback from my post yesterday was overwhelming, many women reached out to me and lamented about how they stayed with a man who had nothing and when money came, he dumped them for another woman.

This morning I am sharing tips on how to know if a man loves you and I am using @davidoofficial and @thechefchi as case studies.

1. He spends money: The proof of love is the willingness to give. We all know how Davido is constantly buying bags, watches, jewellery for Chioma. He lavishes on her endlessly and men are like that when they love a woman. If I see a woman wear a weave or carry a bag my wife doesn’t have before that month is over, my wife must have it. Even when I didn’t have much I would send her 10k out of my 100k salary every month. To a man, if he loves you, he will spend money on you lavishly and recklessly. Be a smart woman learn to receive it and enjoy it don’t say “haa you should have given me the money 🙄”

2. He spends time: Chioma and Davido spend a lot of time together even with his busy schedule. My favourite place in the world is my house, I will rather be around my family than anywhere else.

3. He NAMES you: Davido has always called Chioma his wife. What a man calls you is important. Ladies don’t assume you are dating o, ask him “what are we doing? Who am I to you?” A man can have “friends with benefits”, “my guy”, “trophy babe” and “a wife” you NEED to know who you are to him.

4. He shows you off: If your man is social media savvy, he is always on Instagram and posts pictures a lot but he has never posted yours there’s something fishy. When a man is proud of his woman, he shows her off, you see Chioma in Davido’s videos and he even calls her out on concerts just to kiss her 😍

5. You always make up: Regardless of how crazy things get, both of you always make up. Dating a celebrity like Davido could be crazy but he won’t let her go and now they are getting married.

If your man ticks these boxes you are on the right track if he ticks between 3 and 4 he is still good but 2 and below? You need to ask some questions.
Ladies shine your eyes, may they not use beard gang and baritone voice to frustrate your destiny.

What do you think?


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Five Ways To Know If A Man Loves You

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