Man Calls Out Police for Detaining Him Over No Crime

A Twitter user, Olusola Yusuf, has called out the Nigerian police after he was stopped and detained for not committing any crime but reducing to let his phone be checked.

He said he was taken to Igando police station in Lagos State and discovered other young boys who were detained for same reason.

He wrote, “Dear @PoliceNG_CRU @PoliceNG
I was harassed today by members of your team and was dragged into the Igando Police station just this afternoon.
An officer approched me and asked to identify myself and I presented my work ID and he asked me to empty my pocket and I did.”

“I asked what the matter was and a man supposed to be their DPO in Native asked that I should be taken in. I was dragged like a common thief, one of the officers threatened to shoot me if I resist, I got scared.”

“What was my offense to deserve all this.
I have never defaulted in
Payment of my taxes neither have I ever committed a crime and my life was being threatened by the same people who are being paid from my taxes.
On getting in, I saw other young guys who are being checked almost stripped naked and their phones being checked.

An officer asked me to unlock my phone and I asked him to take it to their IT department as I felt it wasn’t right for my phone to be checked.
My fundamental human right was threatened today along with many others.
My friend @inumimomccoy visited me earlier this year and met the Same fate.
When will all these end???”

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