How My P.A. Sacked Me – Actress Yvonne Jegede Reveals

Actress Yvonne Jegede has recounted how her personal assistant was extorting her for a long time and later sacked her herself.

She stated that they never quarrelled but even though she never owed her salary, the PA always requested for extra money everytime she comes to work.

She wrote”My people let me tell you a story how my PA sacked me.
This young lady worked with me say 8months, never delayed her salary even though half the time she had an excuse not to come to work. These excuses ranged from “my sister got missing”

”my uncle is sick”

“I have fever (takes pictures of drugs)””My family excuses” and so on. But when she finally comes to work, I don’t see any thing wrong with her or feeling sober like someone who has a problem.
All that no bother me but the fact she was entitled to get More than she works for.
Loud and disrespectful when she’s around my parents. Very excited to join in the conversation wey them no invite her to talk put.”

“The gist is getting long, let me just go to why she fired me. Juwon would ask for transport fare to Come to come work everyday and eat lunch plus dinner as the case maybe. One day after I called her to join me on set on the island and she tells me she was at Ojota and she needed tfare.

I asked my madam where in the world workers get paid salaries and the Company still caters to their tfare? Are you not supposed to make arrangements for how to get to work? Long story short, my lady hung up and never called me till today. That was in November 2019.

So you have it there. How employee fired employer. Good morning people.”

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