NBA: Osinbajo Reveals Plans for 2023

At the virtual conference of the Nigerian Bar Association on Thursday, Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo has revealed his plans for the 2023 election.

He stated that he’s grateful for the opportunity to serve Nigeria and will focus on resolving issues in the country.

He said, “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve Nigeria and right now I am focused on doing just that. There are issues to be tackled and that has my undivided attention.”

When asked by lawyers the state of the nation through the coronavirus pandemic, he said, “Our key worry was how this would affect jobs. Through the Economic Sustainability Plan, the FG’s focus is to save jobs and create new ones. Similarly, there is a survival fund and payroll support for artisans, private school teachers & small businesses. We are currently compiling the data, the criteria are already set. There are plans also for other sectors including the hospitality and aviation sector.”

Speaking on the economy of the nation, Prof Osinbajo stated that when compared to other economies, the nation’s economy has fared better, “Economics like politics is local. In comparison to other economies, we have fared better. We, however, recognize that there is a severe decline. The Economic Sustainability Plan is our response to that and we will focus on local industry, local resources and local production.”

Prof Osinbajo also stated that farmers in Nigeria have been provided with some financing and the government will be the final off-takers for their produce which will ensure that local production goes on.

“For the Agriculture, we have registered farmers using the GIS system, tied them to big agric businesses, provided some financing and Government will be final off-takers for their produce. This is to ensure that local production goes on.”

“As regards Housing, 11 State Governments have provided land and these houses are to built by young engineers, architects and artisans. We hope to build thousands of 2-bedroom apartments for about 2 Million Naira each.”

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