A 10-year-old boy named Ekemini has been shackled and locked up in the toilet by his father over claims that he was possessed by an evil spirit in Ikot Udota, Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

The Child’s and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) who shared the news this is working with the police in Eket to unravel the reason why the boy was always tied and manhandled by the father.

Read the statement below;

Little Ekemini has had a rough time with his father and stepmother in the family home for the past eighteen months. His situation took a turn for the worst the last eight months when his father began to tie and shackle him then drop him in the old latrine or toilet at the backyard sometime without food, persistent beatings and viciously manhandling him.

His appalling condition caught the attention of a CRARN volunteer through a tip-off, and the police was alerted which led to the father’s arrest, unshackling and rescue of the young lad.
The members of the community quickly rushed and bailed out the man who didn’t deny his act of brutality on his child but merely boasted that he has the right to treat his child as his he wished.
Ekemini has complained bitterly about the unrelenting abuse and battering he endures in his family and says he fears for his life.

“I’m concerned that they’ll one day do away with me and nobody will know. Just the way they have been torturing me for a long time, and calling me all kinds of demonic names without help coming from anyone.” The young lad had told the police.
While condemning this reprehensible act of brutality against this child, we will be following up with the situation to ensure that the child is safe and out of harm’s way.

Sam Ikpe Itauma
Head of CRARN.net

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