To curb indecent dressing in the University, the Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, has banned several dress code for its Students.

In a document distributed to students of the institution, the management made it clear that bushy hairs and beards, artificial eyelashes especially long ones, low-waist trousers, coloured human hair or sprayed hair among others will no longer be tolerated.

The document stated that ladies should no longer wear skirts with a slit above knees, off-shoulder dresses and tops, sleeveless dresses and tops, rugged jeans and low waist trousers, lengthy and coloured braids, coloured hair, long artificial lashes, bandana hairband, bogus fashion jewellery and more.

Long and bushy hair/beard, braids, dreadlock and coloured hair, rugged jeans, kaftan without trousers, the inscription on hair cut, T-shirts and jeans with immoral messages have been banned for the male students.

See the document below;

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