A Sergeant identified as Omoogun Lanre has harassed a nurse Timilehin Eburu in his clinic for refusing to give him a drug in Oyo State.

It was gathered that Sergeant Lanre demanded the nurse to give him a drug but the nurse incurred his wrath when he asked the ailment he was having.

Sergeant Lanre left and returned with another police officer who pounced on the nurse until a Mopol man came to the nurse’s rescue.

Read his narration below;

‘@Petersen_209: Sergeant OMOOGUN LANRE came to my clinic this morning 30th of October 2020. He came in and command me to give typhoid drug I was like the man they don’t do that in the clinic or hospital, you can only do that in the pharmacy.
So I told him to tell me the signs and symptoms. He’s having what this mobile police officer will tell me is that can’t I see in his eyes that he’s having typhoid fever.

I was like HIV and Covid-19 is not written on anyone’s forehead that I can’t see any sign of what you are telling on your face. So he left and after some Minutes I saw him coming with reinforcement to my duty post in an aggressive manner.

As they enter the one carrying rifle didn’t hear my side of the talk and act based on the report given by he’s a colleague. Before I know it they started beating me the one with riffle even tell me that he will hit me with the rifle and nothing will happen.

So started dragging me out of my duty post. As they were dragging me I told that I am not a criminal that they should leave my cloth after that I met myself on the floor and they were kicking me before Another Mopol (the one with club)came out to come to my rescue.
I am a registered nurse licenced by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Police harassed me while discharging my duty as a caregiver #EndPoliceBrutalitynow #EndSARS’

Watch the video here…

The second part of the video…

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