A married man has beat up his side chic and seized the iPhone 11 pro max he bought for her after catching her with another man in Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt in Rivers State.

According to a Twitter user Busdor101 who witnessed what happened on Monday morning, he said the man who was married but his wife lives in the United Kingdom was woken up by policemen at his residence.

It was gathered that the lady hired three policemen to arrest the man and collect the seized iPhone 11 he bought for her.

Busdor wrote, “Omo problem don burst this early morning😥
One married man dating this young lady in my estate, fought yesterday. (His wife is in the UK) so he bought her iPhone 11 pro max, rented apartment for her in my estate. So yesterday baba, went to her apartment (very close to his house) found out there was a man in there, he prolly called her out and collected the phone and came back home. We no sleep last night, na so so shout.
This morning, she went to rumuokoro (mini okoro police station) hired 3 policemen to come and arrest him and collect the phone from him. Baba said he can’t go with them and he’s not opening the door cos his kids are scared.

The children don dey cry,(sad) he said he’s not going to mini okoro station, that the girl should take the house and shop he rented for her. But he wont release the phone. I want to take pictures but it’s getting messier than I imagined.

💀 the man say “you be ashawo,
The babe say “I gree I be ashawo, at least I no dey thief💀”

The policemen who were called to arrest the man deduced that it was a ‘family affair’ and begged the man to give them their transport to return to their station.

But the married man accepted to return the seized phone later in the day.

“Police dey beg make the man give them their transport back💀 say na boyfriend and girlfriend fight.

Omo I just tire. The man say he gave her mom 200k last month to buy things for her shop, gave her dad 500k to start a building materials shop.

So apparently this man beats her, apologises with big gifts and she goes back to him😥

Case 50% settled. He agreed to give her the phone later today. Scam. The man be like Yahoo boy.”

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