The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC, has reacted to the report of discrimination or stereotyping by Harzoyka restaurant.

A lady, Aisha Salaudeen, has accused the restaurant of discrimination and stereotyping after she was denied entry into the restaurant on the account that she was unaccompanied by a male.

Aisha wrote on Twitter, “I got kicked out of Harzoyka restaurant in GRA Ikeja today because according to them, they have a new policy – no women allowed. This is a restaurant I’ve visited multiple times in the past few years. When I pressed about why I was been hushed out, I was told that to eat in there I had to be chaperoned by a man. I was too stunned to comment, I cannot have a meal because I’m a woman? @MsAdeola and I had to eat somewhere else.”

After making the Tweet, FCCPC directed her on how to file a complaint which the company took up on an investigation.

According to FCCPC, it investigated by sending an undercover lone female but noticed that she was only asked to wear a facemask and also observed that there were other females in the restaurant.

Harzoyka restaurant which is located at the Government Residential Area Ikeja in Lagos State disclosed in its defence that it adjusted its policy to suit the COVID-19 pandemic rules and regulations of reopening restaurants.

The Commission also rejected any form of discrimination and also called on the members of the public to report any crime done by business owners that abuses the rights of citizens.

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