A young lady, Nkem Purity, has revealed how she called off her wedding plans after visiting her fiance’s village.

She stated in a Facebook post on Igboist group disclosing that she discovered that her fiance’s village worships snake.

Nkem lamented that when she tried to kill the snake that crawled into her fiance’s room, she was told she cannot kill it as it is a taboo.

Nkem Purity wrote, “I followed my fiance to his village to see my mother-in-law to be for the first time.
In the night I saw this snake entering my fiance room and I try killing it but my mother-in-law to be said its a taboo to kill this kind of snake.

She Said the snake came to greet me 😢 😢. She went and use stick and removed it.
I think am done with this marriage, I can’t marry in a family that worship snake. 😢 😢”

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