The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Ignatius Kaigama, has advised Nigerians and leaders who misuse public funds to stop as that is the only way to restore Nigeria.

Speaking on a New Year message, on Tuesday, titled ‘Relying on divine providence’, Kaigama said that it is only from true repentance that poverty will be conquered.

He advised that leaders should repent just like Zaccheus did in the Bible and returned what he coveted.

He said, “Those who misuse government funds through corruption should repent like Zacchaeus, the tax collector (cf. Luke 19) so that poverty can be conquered.

“In this New Year, please, see a brother or sister in every Nigerian you meet. Promise not to hurt or look down on another human being. No matter the unemployment and poverty rate, compatriots should stop kidnapping fellow human beings for money, not to talk of taking their lives, because every human life is sacred.

“Those who rob others of their valuable property should stop. Those who exploit helpless victims in our police stations, courts, institutions, highways and offices must stop.

“The Encyclical challenges us to see the poor and to see what our present political, economic, and social systems are doing to them. The rich are getting richer, the powerful are getting more powerful, and the poor are growing poorer and losing what little power they had.”

Source: Punch

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