Man to Bag 14 Years Imprisonment Over Sodomy in Abia

A young man in his 20s, Ndukwe Uchenna Uduma, is likely to bag 14 years imprisonment after he was caught on Wednesday having carnal knowledge of another male at Ohokobe, Umuahia the State Capital of Abia State.

Recall that same-sex marriage or sex is prohibited in Nigeria and will attract 14 years in prison if found guilty.

Ndukwe who has been in the news lately over his scandalous sexual affairs with other male colleagues was caught inside his bathroom with his accomplice.

It was gathered that trouble began when a neighbour who went to deliver the landlord’s mean age for an urgent tenant meeting knocked severally on Ndukwe’s door but no response. As a new and friendly,y tenant he was to Ndukwe, he entered the room with no sight of Nduthe we but the music was on.

He further narrated that he heard weird moaning and decided to peep through the door and the smallest male in the act.

“I screamed and ran out of the room as other tenants came in thinking someone was in danger. I told them what I saw and they rushed inside the room and demanded both of them should come out and explain what they were accused of. ” He said.

Angry neighbours beat up Ndukwe and his accomplice identified as Emeka while the landlord gave Ndukwe the option of vacating his house and getting his remaining rent or handing him over to security personnel.

Subsequently, the suspect denied the act but his accuser stood his ground and insisted on what he saw. Ndukwe and Emeka eventually complained of the act while being mobbed.

Our source also affirmed that Ndukwe to said saying; “It is not my fault, that’s the way I feel, I don’t know why these people fail to understand it. If you continue beating me till I die will it c? get it? Please forgive and save my life. See the wound all over my body. Please spare my life.”

Meanwhile, some landlords in the community hearkened to the cry of Ndukwe and pleaded with the youths of the community to let him leave while ensuring he vacated his apartment immediately.

Ndukwe who has been in and out of jail over sodomy was also warned by his accomplice who disclosed that he’s based in Aba, not to be seen around the community.

However, the Chairman of the Landlord in Ohokobe Community condemned the abominable act while reiterating to a correspondent of that such a person should be allowed to live among people in the community.

“It was an abominable act and we as landlords can’t have a such person as a tenant. For the fact that the act wasn’t carried out with any of our sons, we have to let him go”.

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