OPM Founder Apostle Chinyere Returns Boys Who Lied About Parents Death

The Founder and General Overseer of the Omega Power Ministry (OPM), Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, has returned two boys to their father after discovering that the parents, whom they had claimed to have been killed for rituals, are actually alive.

Apostle Chinyere, known for his philanthropic activities, stated that the two boys were taken to the DPO, and the father was called, but he refused to honor the invitation.

He revealed that the children who were causing trouble in his establishment were always bullying others, especially the autistic kids among the ones he takes care of.

He accused the father of intentionally abandoning the children, who have started attending OPM-free schools, in his care.

He wrote; WICKEDNESS…….

Remember these 2 boys that claimed that they killed their parents for money (yahoo plus)?
Truth is that, they didn’t kill their parents for ritual.
Infact, their father is very much alive and healthy.
When we found out their father is still alive, we took the children to the police station and the DPO put a call across to their father to come and claim his children.

Their father told the DPO that he can never come.
So the police returned the children back to OPM.

After accepting the boys, they kept on bullying other children especially the autistic ones in the house, so we have to use the police to locate where they are staying and return them back to their family.

We believe that for their father to refuse to come and claim his own children, I think it was a plan to abandon the children with HRM KING CHIBUZOR CHINYERE.

We don’t mind them staying in the residence of the man of GOD because they have already started attending one of OPM free schools, but beating autistic children is unacceptable.

So today Monday 17 June 2024, we have returned them to their father.”

Recall that Apostle Chinyere has always taken in less privileged children and families to provide them with a better standard of living.

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