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Woman Recounts How Her Spanking Kept Her Children In Shape

A Nigerian woman living in the United States have shared how her public spanking kept her children disciplined and respectful. She disclosed how she went to her daughter’s school and spanked her for disrespecting her teacher and now that daughter is a major commanding officer in the US.

Major Tokunbo Benson, who graduated from US Army Command and General Staff College August 16, 2018. She and classmates in elementary school disrespected their teacher in Birmingham, Alabama USA. Parents were called in by the school Principal.
Corporal punishment is allowed in Alabama State. Before parents arrived, I was there before them. I went to Major Tokunbo Benson’s Principal. I said to her Principal. Can I have the school paddle?. He handed the paddle over to me. 
I spanked her with the paddle before the students, Principal, Assistant Principal, and her Teacher. I said to her how much Teachers are paid to be disrespected.

Since then I didn’t go to school for use of Corporal Punishment. My rule of thumb was if my children disrespect their elders, Teachers, authority, and the public, I’ll be at the school or anywhere to disgrace them in presence of everybody. I never cover up my children misbehaviors.
Today, Major Tokunbo Benson is commanding soldiers under her. She was once a Company Commander in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. She’s more discipline than me who taught her discipline. Honestly, my children are more discipline than me mostly the girls in the Army.

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