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Dr. ACB Agbazuere Setting the Pace in Accountability and Corporate Administration – Uche Aguoru

When Dr. ACB Agbazuere took over the headship of Abia State Passengers Integrated Manifest and safety Scheme in October 2018, the agency was not only debilitated in salary payment, but the general state of infrastructure depicts more of an abandoned old primary school than a government institution, the roofs were all leaking, the offices were very untidy, unkempt with broken chairs and decayed infrastructure, needless to point out that workers welfare was not considered very important to the management prior to the coming of Dr. Agbazuere.

Beneath the euphoria in prompt payment of salaries in a state where virtually all the parastatals and agencies of government owe their staff for several months, Dr. Agbazuere’s move at remodeling the infrastructural face of the agency and his administrative ingenuity far outweighs whatever he has done in the area of salary payment.

The remodeling of the ASPIMSS administrative complex is one move for those who are conversant with that agency that is not only commendable but deserves accolades, the administrative building before the coming of Agbazuere was all leaky and some senior management staff were seating in broken chairs and working in unkempt environment. Whenever the rains dropped all the files in the offices were usually soaked and destroyed, the general outlook of the complex defines unseriousness.

Needless to say that you cannot access ASPIMSS through their main entrance because of the ditch right in front of the agency’s major entrance making it difficult for vehicles to climb through thereby keeping the gates permanently locked and mandating visitors and staff to drive in through Abia-line transport a sister agency, but today the gates have been opened and beautifully recreated while the entrance to the agency has been reconstructed and made passable and smooth.

The medical procedures and confidence of the paramedics experienced evidential boost after the refurbishing of the ambulances which was grounded for lack of care and was further equipped with emergency medical materials necessary for emergency evacuation of accident victims while establishing partnership with some government hospitals to attend to accident victims.

He had initiated structural changes in the industry which had no doubt won back investor confidence in the agency with prospects of increased revenue generation and has exposed staff of the agency towards greater productivity and responsible work ethics and behaviour, he had also introduced transparency and accountability into the agency’s ways of doing business.

Under his watch the agency is not only leading in prompt payment of salaries and staff welfare but has made appreciable progress in all facets such as Administration, infrastructure, accountability and responsible work ethics, this is predictable because of the character, integrity and persona of the man Dr. Anthony Chidi Brains Agbazuere.

Uche Aguoru
Writes From Umuahia

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