Shocking! Man Assault Lady for Turning Down a Lift

A Nigerian lady identified as naebill on Twitter has lamented after after a man beat her up for refusing a lift he offered in Lagos State.

According to the lady, the man’s car pulled up when she went out to get some ice cream and offered her a lift which respectfully declined and walked away.

But the unidentified man refused to take no for an answer and blocked the bike which she has already entered and started slapping her for walking out on him.

She wrote;

“I was standing outside an eatery I bought ice cream and going through my phone when a car pulled up in front of me.

A man peeked through the window and offered me a lift. I respectfully declined, and knowing men and obeying the hunch I had that this man could be trouble, I quickly crossed the dual laned highway to the other side to avoid any conflicts. I picked a bike on that side and made for my home. I was still on my phone, the man a distant memory in my mind.

After a few minutes of riding on the bike, this man overtook the bike from out of nowhere and pumped the brakes right in front of us. It looked like a scene straight from a movie. My bike man was so shook that we almost crashed into the car.

“I was taken aback and so I asked the man if there was a problem. He replied that “How can I be talking to you and you’ll just walk away like that? That’s not how they do things nah. You girls won’t know who you’re talking to, you’ll just be behaving anyhow,” among other misogynistic talking points.

I was like, “Abeg, I don’t have time for this.” And I made to cross the dual laned highway AGAIN just to avoid this man. It was in that moment that this man grabbed the belt loops of my jeans trousers from the back, pulled me back, and slapped me!

Jesus! I was dumbfounded for a few seconds. Next thing, I took burnt bricks and hurled it at the window of his car. I hit the first time, and the second time, and the third time, trying to break it. Onlookers rushed to the scene at the sight asking the usual “What is that?” and other stupid questions. I told them that they were all stupid, and that they should continue to unlook as they unlooked when he was assaulting me.

The man was still very loud, telling the people to allow him beat me; that he had to teach me a lesson; who do I think I am? and all that turanchi. I was intrigued that this man really believed that he had the capability to beat me because if na fight sef I for beat am. In the heat of the drama, the police came along and took us to the station.

They clearly already decided that I was the offender; that I had wilfully damaged this man’s property for absolutely no reason. They demonised me and blamed me for everything.

They also insisted that I paid for the window I broke. That was when I knew I needed to make calls because that whole scene was beyond me. I called a friend of mine who came to the station. He called someone who was apparently a senior officer at the station.

The senior officer came and we narrated what had transpired. It was then that he said from what he’s seen, the man had to pay for a medical checkup to ascertain that I am fine, that I had not lost any teeth or sustained any injuries from his assault on me.

Bottom line is that at the end of the day, they didn’t collect any money from me. And I am better now. But I’m angry, I’m tired of being a woman. I’m tired of men. I’m tired of living in Nigeria, I’m tired of being a target, I’m tired of being abused /assaulted, I’m tired of men. I just want all of these things to end. I just want to experience a crumb of freedom.”

“I JUST WANT TO EXIST AS A PERSON AND NOT A MOTHER FUCKING PREY. Another vital part of the story is that I broke my nails in the process lol. This is important to me too because if you know me, you know I don’t play with my nails.”

She added that the man was sleeping in a cell after a concerned Nigerian man tracked the assaulter down.

“Good news, he’s sleeping in a cell. I don’t even know how this man found the dude but he just called and told me he’s sleeping in a cell. I guess I won.”

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