Sex-for-grade: IMSU Lecturer Caught Pants Down in a Hotel

The Head of the Biochemistry Department of the Imo State University, Prof. Emmanuel Esogbuonye Agomuo, has been caught hands down while trying to have sex for grade with a student in a hotel.

It was gathered that the student met him at the hotel and tricked him into removing his clothes and called in the people she has already planted.

The lecturer was handcuffed while naked and taking out of the hotel.

Read the post below, “OREJIELA! IT HAS REJID!!!


The Head of Biochemistry Department, Imo State University (IMSU), Prof. Emmanuel Esogbuonye Agomuo, was caught pants down while trying to do mesere with a student in order to reward her with exam marks, but he was outsmarted and subsequently arrested nma orejiri.

Ike Agwula Dibia Uwa”

Watch here…

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