Former Big Brother Naija Double Wahala housemate Leo DaSilva has stated that the Nigerian political system was positioned to hold people accountable when they offend the government.

He shared this thought on his Twitter page saying that the only way the system works is when the government wants to deal with a person personally.

He recounted the probe of the corruption charges on the Niger Delta Development Commission in which the acting Managing Director, Prof. Daniel Pondei fainted when probed about the commission and it’s corruption.

He wrote, ‘A man on National TV was being questioned about mismanagement of funds, this man fainted and the probe ended till today.
We can’t continue like this. Our system can’t hold anyone accountable unless they offend the Government and the government wants to deal with the personally.’

Pondei fainted while a probe of the Niger Delta Affairs was ongoing at the National Assembly. Subsequently, the probe was cancelled and nothing has been heard about it after three months.

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