Moghalu Reveals Reason for Crisis in Nigeria

Former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Kingsley Moghalu has said that the crisis in Nigeria is a result of the electoral choices Nigerians made in the past.

Speaking on Friday through his official Twitter handle, the 2023 Presidential aspirant called n Nigerians to fight for electoral reforms and constitutional restructuring.

Moghalu added that leadership is about an individual and not the political party that formed the platform for the candidate.

“The citizens of a country get the leadership they deserve. So rather than spend time complaining about our leaders, let’s face squarely the reality that the crisis in Nigerian today is a direct result of electoral choices WE have made in the past,and resolve not to make such costly errors of judgement in future elections.

“For this reason, even as we focus on the crisis of the moment, we must still confront our responsibility to fight for electoral reform, constitutional restructuring, and the bottom line question:WHO IS EQUIPPED TO LEAD AND GOVERN?

“Not, “who do we think will win” so we can join a bandwagon going nowhere. Lessons learned. Leadership is first and foremost about the individual, not the political party. Select the correct man/woman, then vote for his/her party. Finish!”

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