Only Insecure People Do Plastic Surgery – BBNaija Alex

Former reality TV star, Alex Asogwa, has stated that only individuals with insecurity complex would consider going for cosmetic surgery, outside of health reasons.

The BBN graduate shared her thoughts on her Snapchat account on Wednesday, following the news of the death of a lady, Crystabel, at a Lagos clinic after plastic surgery.

She said, “In my opinion, if it’s not due to a health condition and you wake up then choose to go for cosmetic surgery to add bum, touch your face or one of those mums things, you are an INSECURE PERSON.

“I also admire your courageousness as that life risk takes a lot of it but what if you had gone the route of determination and discipline? I believe that body is achievable. My friends already know my take on this.

“It’s your body, do with it whatever you please. When I see people like this, I do my best to boost their self-confidence because if I don’t, it’s from one surgery to another and there is no guarantee of perfection or survival.

“Going for surgery doesn’t make you a bad person. But I know you need help to build self-love and the people around you aren’t helping. It hurts me more when the surgery is just to have that figure 8 that means perfection to you and the shallow-minded individuals in our society.”

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