Nigerian, Others Found Guilty Of Manslaughter Of Nigerian Top Model In UK

Three men have been convicted of the death of a successful young male model when a row on social media boiled over into a violent street brawl in Shepherds Bush, U.K.

George Koh, 24, a Liberian and Mersa Dikanda, 24, a Congolese were found guilty, On Monday, 13 August, of Nigerian Harry Uzoka’s murder at the Old Bailey

Jonathan Okigbo, 24, a Nigerian, was found guilty of manslaughter. All three have been remanded in custody and are due to be sentenced on Friday, 21 September.

25-year-old Harry was fatally injured when a dispute between himself and Koh about a girl escalated to the pair arranging to meet for a fight.

Both had enlisted the assistance of others for the confrontation, which resulted in Harry sustaining fatal stab injuries in Ollgar Close, near his home address in Old Oak Road, on 11 January 2018.
Harry was regarded by many as the leading black male model in the UK. He and Koh, who was also a model, were known to each other, though Koh did not enjoy as much success.

The pair were not friends; Harry had been annoyed by attempts from Koh to emulate him and make contact with his friends, but there had not been anything to indicate any serious ill-feeling between the pair.

Events took a serious turn when Koh told a female mutual friend that Harry was a bad man and a liar, and then went on to claim that the cause of their poor relationship was that he had slept with a girl that Harry was in a relationship with.
The female friend told Harry about what Koh had claimed, which angered him. Over the following two days, Harry and Koh exchanged heated messages with Harry telling friends that he had to see Koh ‘to fix him’. They both arranged a meeting where Harry was stabbed by Koh, three times.

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