Ways To Spot An Emotional Abuser – Actress Victoria Inyama

Veteran actress Victoria Inyama has revealed how to know if you are emotionally abused or not. She mentioned instances of what could happen and you will know that you are being abused. She disclosed this on her Instagram page.

Emotional Abuse………….
* Always putting d partner/spouse Down ….
* Frequent Angry Outbursts * Often criticising d way U look or dress. * They refuse to leave your personal space, always checking & monitoring * They always want to control the people you know & communicate with…
* Using gaslighting tactics to manipulate U into doubting your experiences….
* They always want to speak for and over you….

* They always show physical aggression even if it’s not directed at U, just so that you’re always fearful of them…..
* They consistently pressure U into having sex * They always withhold emotional intimacy & affection << There’s always a strong desire to leave or get away from a situation while simultaneously feeling frozen & unable to do anything constructive, resulting in a downward spiral of numbness, complacency & Fear especially where there’s a Marriage, live-in lover or financially dependent on d abusive Partner … Try & talk to a trusted person… Only U can decide what course of action to take……
I pray we all make d right decision🙏🏽

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