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Bizarre! Policemen Threaten To Arrest Victims Of Robbery Over #20k

A co-convener of End Impunity in the police force Mr Segun Awosanya has admonished the police who tried to rob people who were robbed at a night vigil.

He said this on his Twitter page that the church was robbed at a night vigil, they caught one of the thieves and took him to the police station but they were told to pay in order to lay a complaint.

The policemen further threatened the church to either release the payment or are arrested.

Read the tweet…

I almost wept this afternoon when a citizen narrated how a church was robbed during a vigil by 3 robbers. Two escaped with valuables & one was caught. For the love of Christ, the parishioners didn’t take laws into their own hands but took the matter to the police. #EndImpunity.

Upon getting to the station the Police officers demanded that they will need a down payment of N20k to attend to the case & in frustration, the parishioners left the place. The next day (this evening) 3 officers visited the church threatening to return the thief and even arrest the parishioners if their demand for N20k is not met. Yes, this reads like some badly written Nollywood movie but it real. We have intervened and the Thief will be arraigned in court tomorrow & the officers involved disciplined. Thanks to DSP @ElkanaBala

This is so bizarre. People were robbed and they came to you with the culprit and all you could do is try to steal from them what the thieves missed? I don’t even want to begin to address the threat to return the thief. #EndImpunity 😡

You’ll think this happened in some forest where Nollywood actors film “Amiyu and the Pot of Life” but No! It happened in the heart of Ikeja in Ogba. Impunity lives next door to you. Be your brother’s keeper and report these anomalies. Thankful this has been nipped! #EndImpunity.

I’m sure the thief, in this case, will be very confused. The action of the police officers venerates him. He must be feeling like one of them now based on the congeniality spirit. For us, in as much as lice remain on the scalp, our fingernails will remain bloody.


Truly, our policemen need to be reformed.

What do you think?


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