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‘How I Manage 33 Businesses’ – Nigeria’s No1 Stylist Toyin Reveals

Nigeria’s No 1 stylist and designer, Toyin Lawani who owns Tiannah’s Empire has disclosed how she manages her 33 businesses stating that it’ll be detrimental for an Entrepreneur if he/she lacks multitasking skills.

Toyin who has built her business Empire to an enviable stage stated that as a boss, you cannot entrust your business to no one but yourself.

She disclosed this after a follower asked her how she handles her businesses without a mental breakdown.

She wrote, “When people ask me how I successfully manage my 33Businesses at Tiannahs Empire – I say this – you can never make it as an Entrepreneur if you do not have multitasking skills or if you cannot work under pressure, you are a toner, cause the people you put in charge might not be in charge, Remember everyone wants to do Boss and the other staff might also want to do Boss, now you will have so many Bosses in your company that feel they are too big to take instruction from the other Boss,

The Time will come you will have to start working smart instead of working hard, if your money is not working for you then you have the wrong people on your team, cause if you can’t rest once in a while you will Breakdown, Especially when you hate-faced two-faced in your Business who are there for only their own selfish needs, Never depend on anyone getting anything done for you, even when you give them instructions make sure you oversee it, if not your business is doomed 👑

A Real Boss must never entrust all their power to anyone 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Remember you might have trained them to Give their best, But if you take your eyes off the ball for too long they might mess up and you need to realize it’s your name on the Business, not theirs, so always take charge and be involved.

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Toyin’s business named Empire is a reputable styling and designing, it also has skincare products and others under it.

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