Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong! Woman Dies While Operating Ahead of 40th Birthday

A middle aged woman, Abimbola Bamgbose, who lied to her husband that she’s going shopping in Turkey in preparation for her 40th birthday but actually went for a Tommy tuck had died from the operation.

It was gathered through the Facebook post made by her friend that she never informed her husband where she was going to and died on the operating table.

The friends whom she travelled with were the ones who told her husband everything that happened.

Read the post, ‘RIP BOLA!!!!!
Please, ladies, be careful, be contended with your body. She is preparing for her 40th birthday and lied to her husband that she’s going shopping in Turkey. Alas, she went to do a tummy tuck and did not wake up after the operation. Her husband was informed by her friends she travelled with. She left 3 children behind and her husband. Please, ladies, stop putting your body to be butchered, all because of men and friends including social media. Not all of us will be skinny.’

‘Love your body and even if it’s wrinkled, use Vaseline.
If any man or friends complain about your body, run away from them because they’re your worst enemy. Vanity upon vanity all is vanity, some deaths can be prevented.
Please, men, love your wives, stop ignoring them after having children, simply because they have stretch marks on their body.’

This is terrible.

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