In a series of Tweet, a twitter user, Emmanuel Neci, has accused some officers of the Nigerian police of intimidation over his refusal to part with N50.

It was gathered that the police stopped the man who was on his way to Awka in Anambra State from Enugu State to check his driving particulars but after making sure all was complete, they insisted he must give them ‘something.’

When he blatantly refused, the officers refused to give him back his car particulars until the intervention of other road users.

Read more below;

So this officer stopped us at enugu road on our way to Awka after last night show at Enugu, they were like that I should give them the paper of the driving school I went to, this was after I refused giving them any 50#. They requested for my driving school certificate because I showed them my driver’s license and my vehicle paper, everything was intact.
But because I didn’t show love when they told me to, they now wanted to ask me for my Nigeria birthday certificate too.🙄

Those police guys were like that I don’t have the driving school paper that I should go bring 1k before they will change their mind, me? 1k? For what sir, baba begin dey vex. As we are there quietly, one shuttle NANS driver saw our vehicle because it was also NANS bus and stopped, started asking what the problem is and I told him., He approached the officers and was trying to negotiate with them,

After talking with them, he came back and asked me to give them something, maybe 100#, I told him that I don’t have that we are on our way going home from a very stressed crusade program and I don’t have any money to give to any police. The driver was like, I thought you didn’t have any money, I told him sir, I have it but I’m not gonna sponsor corruption by giving in to officers request of showing them love when they can’t ask nicely, it is my money n they dn’t deserve it because they thought it is their right.

I told him sir, you deserve this money more because even with the passengers in your vehicle, you still stopped to assist a fellow driver., Even sacrificed two people’s transport fee #200 just like that.., baba take this 500#, you deserve it more than this corrupt officers.

This driver shocked me by bringing out 200# from his pocket, he gave it to them so they can give me back my vehicle papers, the officers refused the money and told him that I must give them 500# that am trying to teach them their job. Lol

So the driver smiled n gave me my vehicle papers, I was so angry but I held myself because baba done dey romance his gun. I took the paper from the driver, reached out to my pocket and took 500# from it and gave it to the driver. He begged them and they accepted the money, instead of giving me the papers, they gave it to the driver, lol…

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