Police Resume Operation, Rob Biker with POS Machine

Operatives of the Lagos State Police Command has robbed a biker identified as Mike Lucas after labelling him a thief.

According to him, he was on his way to Mile 2 from Alakija on Thursday when they stopped him on his bike, after checking his phone, they labelled him a thief and demanded he transfers N200,000 to them.

When he told the operatives he didn’t have that amount, he was taken to a POS stand and forced to transfer everything in his account.

Read the full story below;

“I got apprehended by the @PoliceNG today. I was on a bike passing through alakija on my way to Mile 2 when they stopped me. The policeman who stopped me said “make we settle before we rope you, na street we dey” but I didn’t oblige cos I was sure I had nothing incriminating on me

He then dragged me to their bus and asked me to open my phone, I did, next thing, they labeled me a thief and tagged me all sort of things.
They put me in their bus and threatened they would take me to their station and put me in the midst of hardened criminals.
Long story short,

I felt really threatened and agreed I was going to pay them. They first asked for 200k, I told them I don’t have it, they then checked my balance and said I am going to transfer every dime there.”

“They started driving then stopped on the way and handed me over to a man.

The man then took me to a POS shop and made me do a transfer.
I regret being a citizen of this cursed country.”

Recall that the Nigeria Police Force has come under a lot of backlashes over extortion, extrajudicial killing and kidnapping done by operatives of the force.

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