Veteran actress Georgina Onuoha has advised ladies to stop living off men rather, aim to achieve an independent lifestyle.

Speaking while sharing her graduation picture stating that most ladies who live off men tend to give false narratives and turn to motivational speakers.

She advised them to let hardworking women celebrate their win instead of it being overshadowed by lies.

“Never hand over the pen  that writes your story to anyone. Only you can write your autobiography.

PS: That most of us chose not to display our professional lives on social media doesn’t mean we are jobless.
It simply means certain things should remain private as it should. Some of us sleep while our money work for us. Some of us have staffers doing the job and some of us just figured out how to work smart and live our lives jejely.

If you are living off on a man’s hard earn money, I don’t appreciate you giving false narratives of how hard you work let alone becoming a motivational speaker when in an actual sense you don’t know how to multiple a dollar.  So please stop it. We know how you all end. Not all you display on social media is as it is.
Take pride in eating the money you did not work for and give credit where it is due. Not every woman wants to be kept by a man, the majority wants to add value to their partner’s life.

Until you put on those big girl pants just crawl back into a trophy and borrowed life and let hardworking people breathe and appreciate their self made lives.

Enough said.”

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