Edo Gubernatorial: Hotel Cancels Shaibu’s Reservation, Says Obaseki Booked

The Eterno Hotel in Benin City, Edo State has canceled the reservation of Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu stating that Governor Godwin Obaseki already made a reservation for the same venue at the same time.

Mr Shaibu had previously booked the hotel to declare his intention to join the 2024 gubernatorial election of the State months after his fallout with Governor Obaseki.

Speaking at the Biohop Kelly Centre, a different venue on Monday morning, Shaibu stated that working with Governor Obaseki made him feel the pains of the people and so was poised to develop the State and urged the people to support his ambition and work with him to develop the State.

In September, Shaibu dropped a lawsuit stopping the Governor from removing him from office. He apologized for any wrongdoing to Governor Obaseki who gave him a condition to drop his governorship bid for the feud to end.

Governor Obaseki also maintained that he had no personal issues with his deputy, stating that the issues are very straightforward “I have nothing personal against the deputy governor and never had. For me, the issues are very straightforward.”

On anointing a successor, Governor Obaseki said on Friday that the process of anointing a successor must be fair and a sense of inclusion.

“I am not in the position now to determine, appoint, or anoint a successor,’’ Obaseki said. All I know is that in the process of seeking my successor, there must be fairness, equity, and a sense of inclusion because our goal is to keep Edo as one.

“The important thing for us as an administration is for us to finish strong and complete everything we told Edo people we would do for them during our campaign.”

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