Lead British School Reacts to Bullying Viral Videos

Leads British International School has reacted to a viral video involving one Maryann Hassan bullying Namitra Bwala on the school grounds stating that the school management was against the act and taking the matter seriously.

Speaking on Tuesday, the Head of School Abraham Ogunkanmbi stated that it will be reviewing its anti-bullying procedures and measures to ascertain areas that need improvement while appealing to the public to refrain from circulating the triggering video.

The statement also revealed that the management had set up an investigation panel for a thorough investigation into the incident and had so far interviewed witnesses to ascertain the cause.

Speaking further, it urged the general public to come forward with other incidents of bullying in the school and vowed to take appropriate measures against it.

On Monday, a viral video showed a group of Lead British School Students led by Maryann Hassan slap and beat up Namitra Bwala who was alleged to be the daughter of Mr Daniel Bwala, an aide to President Bola Tinubu.

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