Nigerian Army Rescues Another Chibok Girl, Others

The Nigerian Army’s 21 Armoured Brigade troops stormed the Boko Haram stronghold in the Sambisa Forest, rescuing 99 women and children, including one of the Chibok girls, Ihyi Abudu, and her two children.

The operation, called Operation Lake Sanity II, was part of Operation Hadin Kai’s efforts to eliminate the terrorists in Sambisa, Timbuktu, and other parts of the North East Region.

Intelligence sources have informed the media that a girl listed as number 67 on the list of abducted Chibok girls has managed to escape from the terrorists’ hideouts in Parisu and was rescued during a clearance operation in the BARARAM general area of Sambisa Forest.

The source said that as they entered the terrorist camp, the soldiers were met with a heart-wrenching sight: the 99 rescued captives comprising 41 women and 57 children and the Chibok girl with her children, malnourished and traumatized, but alive, surrendered to the troops.

He explained that following a successful rescue mission, the Nigerian Army’s Medical Corps immediately provided critical medical care to the freed captives. The team worked urgently to immunize the victims against deadly diseases.

The medical team quickly assessed their condition. Many showed signs of malnutrition, dehydration, and exposure to diseases. The team sprang into action, administering vaccines and medications to prevent the spread of diseases.

According to the source, Ihyi Abudu was number 19 among the Chibok girls that were rescued by the Nigeria Army while over 161,000 Boko Haram and their families had so far surrendered to the troops during various operations.

He stated that the rescue operation was a testament to the Nigerian Army’s unwavering commitment to protect civilians and uphold human rights.

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