OMG! Girl Grows Twin Sister Out Of Her Chest

A Filipina schoolgirl has lived her entire life with a parasitic twin growing out of her chest and abdomen, but will soon undergo surgery to have it removed.

According to The Irish Mirror, Veronica Cominguez, 14, has lived with the undeveloped twin for her entire life. When she and the twin were in utero, their mother, Flora Cominguez, even had names for both of them.
Unfortunately, the twin didn’t fully develop. And because the family lacked access to medical care, the twin was essentially absorbed into Veronica’s body.

Veronica was born with the twin’s foot, arm, and leg protruding from her own abdomen. As Veronica has grown, so has the twin; Veronica says she even trims its nails.

Unfortunately, the twin – besides being unsightly – has led to other problems for the young lady. “It’s heavy, it limits my movement. It keeps swinging. My dress often gets wet.”

In fact, the twin causes secretions to leak out of Veronica’s navel. Oftentimes it looks like blood. Her mother says that the goo that seeps out often smells like human waste.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of her neighbours, who raised money for an operation, Veronica will soon be flown to neighbouring Thailand, according to a government spokesperson. 📷: Mirror

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