Shocking! Teen Boys Gang Rapes, Drowns Fellow Teenager

The Katsina State police command have arrested three teenage boys for allegedly gang-raping and drowning a 13-year old girl in a pond in the State.

According to the Spokesperson of the state police command, SP Gambo Isah, who said: “On Friday 14th 2020 around 3:45 pm – 5 pm, based on the tip-off, the command succeeded in arresting the trio.

They allegedly conspired, attacked and gang-raped a 13-year-old girl in their farmland. The suspects are Mubarak Lawan 16, Anas Ibrahim, 15 and Aliyu Mika, 15.After raping the victim, they threw her into a nearby pond, as a result of which, she drowned.”

Isah said the victim’s body was later discovered and taken to Danmusa Hospital, where she was confirmed dead. He added that the suspects have all confessed to committing the crime.

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