OMG! Woman Harassed for Not Patronizing Man’s Business

A married woman has been harassed and her clothes torn after she was attacked by a man who was calling her to patronize him in a market at Akure, Ondo State.

According to the report, the man dragged her but when she turned to rebuke him, he was descended on by the man and her clothes torn.

It was gathered that the Policemen at the station where the case was reported to released the culprit without charging him even with the evidence gathered on him.

Read the post; “UNACCEPTABLE!!!

This happened yesterday morning beside Olukayode, one of the clothes vendors tapped her butt all in the name of advertising his wears.”

“She rebuked him and this happened, he was arrested yesterday but the cops released him already without taking proper actions. She’s currently at the Human Rights Office at Alagbaka, ”

“You can reach her on 0814 994 5240

JUSTICE PLEASE, these guys need to be curbed. Enough of the harassment on women at Oja.”

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